Cameron County Confirms Additional COVID-19 Related Deaths

Cameron County has received confirmation of ten (10) additional COVID-19 related deaths of Cameron County residents. This includes five (5) nursing home residents from Brownsville: an 89 year-old female and a 83 year-old male from Ebony Lake Nursing Home and 70, 75 and 80 year-old males from Brownsville Nursing and Rehabilitation Center. There was also an 80-year old male resident from Veranda Nursing Home in Harlingen. The remaining deaths include a 57 year-old female, and 56, 76 and 81 year-old males, all from Brownsville. This raises the number of COVID-19 related deaths in Cameron County to 226.
Cameron County has received confirmation of an additional 1,106 laboratory reports of COVID-19 to include the following: