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About the Office of the District Clerk

Civil Department
The District Clerk receives for filing and processing all documents in a court case.
The Clerk maintains the official court records and must mark the exact date and time of receipt.
Issue papers during the life of a case and for many years after a case is final. For example: subpoenas, notices, citations, writs, temporary restraining orders, executions, abstracts of judgment, orders of sale, protective orders, etc.
Prepares transcripts or proceedings for appeals and writs of Habeas Corpus.

Responsible for the processing of Juvenile Cases (about 700 Juvenile Cases are filed annually).

Criminal Department
The District Clerk receives indictments from the Grand Jury for processing.

  • Assignment of court and preparation of files.
  • Issues capitals (warrants for arrest).
  • Issues warrants for executions in capital murder cases (death penalty cases).
  • Processes approximately 2,000 criminal cases annually.

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