What We Look For

As an organization, community, and culture, we take pride in finding the right talent for our team.

Change Agents

As public servants, we look for individuals who can be

“Change Agents” and demonstrate an interest to positively impact a child’s life.

Code of Ethics

Applicants best suited for the criminal justice profession

must meet the standards of a good character.


We are committed to ensure that obtaining relevant background 

information on an applicant is done in a professional, objective, legal and unbiased manner.

Who we Hire

Cameron County is dedicated to hiring the right talent for the right position.

Working with youth

As a department who focuses with helping at-risk juveniles,

our goal is to hire candidates that enjoy working with youth.

Knowledge of Youth

Quality candidates must possess knowledge of youth in recovery, 

youth who have experienced traumatic events and it is also important that applicants understand integrity and qualities of the criminal justice profession.

Trust & Confidence

The Department strives to select those individuals whose 

backgrounds establish them to be persons who represent public trust and confidence

CCJJD conducts a background screening on all of its applicants.   

The components of this background screenings are as follows:

Criminal History


Driver's License


Employment Reference




Based on state standards,

Applicants for the position of Juvenile Probation Officer must have a:

  • Bachelor's Degree

    In Criminal Justice or related field

  • One Year Experience

    In working with adolescents/families

Applicants for Juvenile Supervision Officers must have at least a:

  • High School Diploma

    or General Equivalency Diploma

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The Training Department


The mission of the Training Department is to provide juvenile justice professionals with a structured learning experience.


A state provided curriculum is used to improve and maintain job performance.


The training components heavily emphasize the safety, security and rehabilitation of our juveniles.


Our philosophy and model is that training staff is required but educating staff is essential.

Community Partners

The Training Department is also used by community partners to train their staff as well.

Contact Us

If you or your organization is interested in utilizing our facility for presentations or trainings, please contact our Training Officer.

Mario Davila

Training Coordinator


Please visit Texas Juvenile Justice Department for more; or our county’s website