Mental Health DIVISION

Mental Health Division

CCJJD has made it a priority to address the mental health needs of adolescents/families in Cameron County.  In the last several years, the department has expanded its Mental Health Division with licensed clinicians and a mental health assistant to help address the complex needs of youth.

Mental Health Coordinator

The Mental Health Coordinator who oversees the Division coordinates crisis and counseling services for community youth, Detention and Post Residential programs. She also conducts Behavior Health Assessments reports for the Juvenile Court for juveniles that are being considered for residential placement.

In-House Clinicians

The in-house clinicians provide individual counseling to juveniles referred by their assigned Juvenile Probation Officer.  Family counseling is also provided, especially for juveniles in post residential programs and continues with re-entry juveniles who are transitioning to their homes.

Innovative Approaches

The department’s licensed clinicians are trained with Trauma Informed Care, Dialectical Behavior Theory (DBT) and Trauma Based Relational Intervention (TBRI) as innovative approaches to best meet the client’s needs.

Substance Use Treatment Program

The Mission

Substance Use Treatment Program is to provide comprehensive substance use education and treatment.

The Goal

To keep the youth drug free, recognize maladaptive behaviors and thinking patterns that led them to substance abuse and crime, and to allow them to successfully complete the program.

Services Offered

Individual and group counseling to participants, as well as recovery maintenance. Treatment services are offered to court-ordered juveniles who are on probation or residing in residential facilities.

Post Residential Services

The department’s post residential program has a Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor-Intern that provides treatment services under the Texas Juvenile Justice Department Chapter 353 Substance Use Standards.

Vape Education Outreach

Due to a high influx of e-cigarette (i.e. vaping) referrals, the department recently created a Vape Awareness Program for youth and their parents.  Under the Court’s mandate, youth and parents are required to attend three sessions.

Local Agencies

The department also refers to local agencies for in-patient and outpatient services to help address the youth’s substance abuse problems.

Sex Offender Treatment Program


CCJJD is committed to the rehabilitation of juvenile offenders with a sex offense.


Treatment is facilitated by a contracted Licensed Sex Offender Treatment Provider (LSOTP) who provides individual and group treatment, family therapy to encourage positive change in the youth’s life.

Licensed Sex Offender Treatment Provider

The LSOT Provider also conducts court-ordered psycho-sexual assessments for the Courts to best determine the safety of the victim(s) and/or community.

Community Partnerships

Local Partnerships

Through local partnerships, grants and service provider contracts, the department strives to provide much-needed mental health services.  The department and Juvenile Court contract a licensed adolescent psychologist and psychiatrist to conduct evaluations on specialized cases.

Tropical Texas Behavioral Health

CCJJD also has a local partnership with Tropical Texas Behavioral Health (TTBH) to provide a QMHP (Qualified Mental Health Practitioner) for crisis screenings and skills training for detained juveniles.

Community Resource Coordinating Group

CCJJD also spearheads the local Community Resource Coordinating Group (CRCG) with Deputy Director Annie Romero serving as the Chair.  CRCG is a county-based group of community members that work with parents, caregivers, youth and adults to identify and coordinate services and supports, including behavioral health, basic needs and caregiver support.

Mental Health Awareness

Spreading mental health awareness and addressing the unique local needs of juveniles are collaborative efforts, that is why CCJJD participates with the Cameron County Mental Health Task Force (CCMHTF), Rio Grande Valley Anti Human Trafficking Taskforce, (RGVAHTT), and Tobacco Prevention and Control Coalition to leverage resources and best serve the community.

Internship Program

UTRGV Community Counseling Internship Program & other Universities

CCJJD’s Mental Health Department has collaborated with the University of Texas at Rio Grande Valley and other Universities, to provide a learning and practicing environment, through our Practicum/ Internship Program for Mental Health Professionals. Contact Nidia Gonzales, Mental Health Coordinator at for further information.

Please visit Texas Juvenile Justice Department for more information or our county’s website