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Community Service Program

Program Overview

Integrity, Accountability & Service

The Sheriff’s Community Service Program is designed for nonviolent misdemeanors who have been ordered by the court to be confined in the county jail as punishment for their crimes. As an incentive, inmates who participate in the Sheriff’s Community Service Program will be awarded good time to be applied to his or her sentence.

The Community Service Program will operate under the authority of the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure, Chapter 43. Articles 43.09 and 43.101. The Sheriff’s Community Service Program is specifically designed to grant those who have shown responsibility, maturity, and stability, the privilege of working in the community. These participants will be supervised by Cameron County Sheriff’s Department Personnel to perform labor-intensive community service projects.

All Community Service participants are carefully selected, medically screened, and interviewed for consideration into the Sheriff Community Service Program. Participants in the program are expected to obey all rules and regulations set forth by the Sheriff’s Department. Any violation of program guidelines will result in the inmate being placed back into the regular jail population.

The Sheriff Community Service Program will work closely with the Cameron County Commissioners or their foreman, to schedule and provide community service projects, such as county roads clean up (litter control), which is a top priority, public works, and maintenance projects. The Sheriff Community Service Program has purchased safety equipment, inmate uniforms, orange caps and safety-vests, and tools & equipment for the program, with proceeds from the Inmate Commissary Fund.

Information concerning the Sheriff Community Service Program should by addressed to:

Commander Fermin Leal
Cameron County Sheriff’s Department
(956) 554-6700