Cameron County Tax Increment Reinvestment
Zone Number One

The Grand Gateway on the Rio Grande Riverfront and Lower Railyard Development

  • “The County Commissioners and its professional staff are committed to improving our quality of life by taking intelligent, forward-thinking actions, and supplementing our experience with knowledgeable and experienced people and companies.”
  • “During the next several months, the County expects to lay the foundation to achieve significant public benefits during the next few years.”
  • “The County expects to expand and modernize the Gateway International Bridge complex into a resplendent state-of-the-art transportation river crossing, with special features and attributes dedicated to our millions of local and visitor pedestrians and bicyclists, that is safe and healthy, dignified and easy to navigate.”
  • “The County expects to re-engineer the earthen flood protection levee system pursuant to and consistent with the three Federal programs, 1) The American Heritage River Program, 2) The Department of Homeland Service (DHS) Boarder Barrier Removal Program, and 3) The U.S.-Mexico Border & River Management Program into an upgraded and useful levee system that promotes economic development of the Rio Grande Riverfront.”
  • “The County expects the Rio Grande Riverfront when completed to support multiple cultural features that reconnect our people with our Rio Grande Riverfront Heritage with several exciting entertainment venues.”
  • “The County expects the Rio Grande Riverfront to support the Hotel Rio Grande and The Villas Rio Grande with shops, restaurants, offices, luxury condominiums, workforce & student housing, and affordable apartments.”

Cameron County TIRZ Number One

Policy Documents – Orders, Resolutions, Contracts and Maps

“The County expects to follow the same financing mechanism used at other Federal Ports of Entry – The private sector provides 100% of the necessary capital funding upfront and it constructs the County’s facilities, then, as and when the newly generated taxes (Tax Increment) are collected the County reimburses the actual known costs of the county facilities.”