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Hazard Mitigation

Projects managed by the County’s Community Affairs program focus on the prevention of flooding in our rural areas. The County has partnered where possible with the area’s Drainage Districts with projects funded through the Texas Department of Agriculture (TDA).

Currently, the County is working with Drainage District #3 to alleviate flooding in the central portion of the County. Areas such as Green Valley Farms used to regularly flood. With TDA grant funded projects like the widening of Drain “A” which consists of over 4700 linear feet of ditches south of FM 510. It also includes the adjustment of down drains within the area of excavation and the dressing and shaping of the spoil berms for the entire project length. Flooding of the Green Valley Farms area occurred during Hurrican Dolly in 2008. Since then Green Valley Farms has not seen any significant flooding. Storm water runoff for the entral county region will be re-directed south back towards the Rio Grande River.

Other projects in the works involve the Paso Real and Hacienda Del Norte Subdivisions. Paso Real Subdivision has 369 homes in Precinct 1 which are surrounded by a stagnant resaca. This project cost is estimated to be $1,460,000. The Hacienda Del Norte project seeks to protect 191 homes in Precinct 2. Grants proposals to solve their flooding problems have already been submitted to the Texas DPS-Emergency Management Department for review. TDPS has forwarded the Paso Real proposal to FEMA, the other project is pending. Two other projects, one in Precinct Four, the Mariposa Subdivision and the other in in Precinct One, the Olmito Community flooding issues are both being studied for a possible grant submittal.