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Las Palmas Subdivision

Las Palmas Subdivision is on the Secretary of State’s colonia listing.  This neighborhood is located just off of Highway 802 north of the Brownsville-South Padre Island International Airport.  Las Palmas is an unincorporated area completely surrounded by the city llimits of Brownsville.  Once Las Palmas was a trailer park.  The lots are narrow and the sewer infrastructure does not meet the community’s needs and is in a failing state.  The Texas Department of Agriculture (TDA) awarded a $X,XXX,XXX grant to the El Jardin Water Supply Corporation to improve the system, TDA also awarded the Brownsville Public Utility System (PUB) a grant to replace the entire wastewater collection system.  Some residents had been paying PUB for service, many had been getting sewere services uncharged.  The County has agreed to provide over a $169,000 in paving services to put the roads back in to shape once the water and sewer pipe infrastructure had been replaced.  It is unpresidented to coordinate two grants running concurrently covering the same neighborhood.  This subdivision is located in the Drainage District #1 and addressing drainage is an important issue to address while this work is being done.  Both grants are in the preliminary stages awaiting the bidding of the materials to be used.  These two grants are scheduled to be closed out by December 2018.