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Notice of Intention to Issue Certificates of Obligation
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28 Apr: Order Closing Boca Chica Beach and State Hwy 4; April 29, 2021
Under the authority granted to Cameron County pursuant to Texas Natural Resources Code Section 61.132 which permits the Texas General Land Office ("GLO") and the County to enter into a memorandum of agreement under the terms of which Boca Chica Beach may be closed temporarily for space launches and in conformity with the Memorandum of Agreement, contract number 2013C08253/GLO contract number 13-447-000-7916 between the County and the GLO that delineates the circumstances under which the County is authorized to close the beach and beach access points for the limited purpose of protecting Public Health and Safety during spaceflight activities and the Texas Department of Transportation authorized a Space X Roadway Closure Traffic Control Plan to perform road closures on State Highway 4;


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