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Residential Solid Waste Services

Contact Information

Department Of Transportation
Solid Waste Division
1390 W. Expressway 83
San Benito, Texas 78586
Ph: (956) 247-3521 | Fax: (956) 361-8278

Allied Waste /Republic Services
9402 W. Expressway 83 (& Bass Blvd.)
Harlingen, Texas 78552

Collection Schedules

Frequently Asked Questions

Solid Waste Containers

Recycling Centers Directory

We welcome you to the Cameron County Residential Solid Waste Services website and encourage you to explore our recycling and illegal dumping programs and the helpful information contained on our website. In order to fulfill Cameron County’s commitment to provide a healthy and litter free environment for all of its residents, your participation in this required program is necessary. Following are important details outlining our services. Should you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Service Fees & Billing

Cameron County requires that each residential household have solid waste services. Cost of service is $93.30 per quarter (before tax). There will be a one-time account set up charge of $5.00 (before tax), which will be reflected on your initial bill.

  • Each household will receive one 96 gallon container upon signing up for service. Additional containers are available upon request by calling the customer service department at 1-800-423-7316
  • All solid waste must be bagged and placed in the container for collection.
  • Have your container placed within 5 feet of mailbox by 6:30 AM on your collection day.
  • All containers must be removed from roadside after collection.
  • Place container with lid opening towards the street.
  • Containers must not be blocked by vehicles or other obstructions.
  • Please see the collection map for service day.
  • Brush Bulk Information

Billing Questions

Who do I call if I have a problem with my service charge, fees, incorrect billing, errors, etc.? Contact Allied Waste /Republic Services. 1-800-423-7316

Recycling Program

If we each make a commitment to recycle what we can and to put the rest of our waste in its proper place, we’ll be doing wonders for the environment. This guide is meant to assist you in your efforts to preserve our natural resources.

Before taking materials to any of the below listed facilities, please be sure to call and confirm operating hours and acceptable materials. Be aware that some of the facilities may only accept recyclables from residents of designated areas. This is only a partial list of recycling facilities in Cameron County, please check your phonebook for more listings.

Contact any of the following for information on additional recycling facilities, environmental events, how to buy recycled products, and more.

Earth 911 | 1-800-CLEANUP

Keep Texas Beautiful | 1-800-CLEAN-TX

Recycling Alliance of Texas | 512-473-3217

Keep Cameron County
Clean & Safe…

Illegal Dumping Program

What is Illegal Dumping?

Illegal dumping is disposing of waste in unauthorized or un-permitted areas. Illegal dumping is commonly found in uninhabited desert areas, open lots, along roadways, in alleys and at construction sites. Most illegal dumping is done to avoid either disposal fees at landfills or the time and effort required for proper disposal.

Serious health risks may be associated with illegal dumping. Children are more susceptible to physical and chemical hazards present at many illegal dumpsites. Illegal dumped debris may also attract rodents, insects and other vermin. Discarded tires provide ideal breeding sites for mosquitoes. Fires at illegal dumps can attribute to property damage and threaten air quality. Illegally dumping debris can block drainage canals which in turn cause flooding during our seasonal rains.

Cameron County is very serious about illegal dumping and is asking every county resident to abide by the rules or take the risk of paying a hefty fine. Please help us keep our environment clean.


Texas Litter Abatement Act
• Class c Misdemeanor – If the amount dumped weighs 5 pounds or less or has volume of 5 gallons or less, the maximum penalty is a fine not to exceed $500.

•Class B Misdemeanor – If the amount dumped weights more than 5 pounds but less than 500 pounds or has a volume of more than 5 gallons but less than 100 cubic feet, the maximum penalty is a fine not to exceed $2,000, confinement in jail for a term not to exceed 180 days, or both fine and confinement.

• Class A Misdemeanor – If the amount dumped weighs 500 pounds or more, but less than 1,000 pounds, or has a volume of 100 cubic feet or more, but less than five pounds but less than 200 pounds or has a volume of more than 5 gallons but less than 200 cubic feet, the maximum penalty is a fine no to exceed $4,000, confinement in jail for a term not to exceed one year, or both fine and confinement.

• State Jail Felony – If the amount dumped weights 1,000 pounds or more or has volume of 200 cubic feet or more OR if it was disposed for a commercial purpose and weighs 200 pounds or more or has a volume of 200 cubic feet or more, or it contained in a closed barrel or drum, the maximum penalty is confinement in a state jail for not more than two years, but not less than 180 days, additionally an individual may also be fined an amount not to exceed $10,000.

• If it is shown on the trail of the defendant for an offense for illegal dumping that the person was previously convicted of an offense of illegal dumping, the punishment for the offense is increased to the punishment for the next highest category.