How to Vote

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Precinct Scanner & Tabulator

The DS200 is a precinct-based scanner and vote tabulator equipped with the latest in ES&S’ patented technology. Fully certified and compliant with EAC guidelines, the DS200 enhances the voting experience for voters and election officials alike. Our patented IMR® and PTRAC™ technology software ensures even the most poorly marked ballots are read accurately and consistently — protecting voter intent.

ADA-Compliant Ballot-Marking Devices

The AutoMARK® ballot-marking system provides autonomy to voters who are blind, visually impaired, or have a disability or condition that makes it difficult to traditionally mark a ballot.

Explaination of the Voting Process

“What happens to your vote before and after you go to cast your ballot? Cameron County’s Department of Elections and Voter Registration explains how your vote is counted, organized and protected against fraud.”

From voter registration to ballot counts, KRGV's Christian Von Pricing breaks down the process.