About Us

The Cameron County Department of Elections & Voter Registration was created in 1978, upon approval of structure by the Texas Legislature.   The Department administers local, state and federal elections and is operational year-round as it conducts an array of electoral duties including but not limited to voter registration.  Although the Department has not been in continuous existence since its inception, it has evolved significantly and undergone changes in administration. Tencha de la Peña served as the first Elections Administrator with a small staff and modest resources. Following her retirement in 1995, Beto Medrano, Amalia Cano Acevedo, Robert Mendoza, Roger Ortiz, and Christopher J. Davis respectfully headed the department. Remi Garza presently serves as the Elections Administrator, a position he assumed in June of 2015.  The Department is prepared and ready for new challenges, ideas and programs to assist in better serving Cameron County constituents.  Additionally, the Department continues to transform its structure, operation, and policies to strengthen its ability to effectively serve the public.

The Secretary of State serves as the chief election officer for the State of Texas and their Election Division ensures compliance of election requirements, coordinates election reporting, and interprets legislative changes for local officials.  The Elections Commission which is made up of the County Judge (chairman), the County Clerk (vice chairman), the County Tax Assessor-Collector(secretary), and the two local party chairs (Democrats and Republicans) oversee the office of the Elections Administrator according to the Texas Election Code, however, the Election Administrator who also serves as the Voter Registrar is responsible for the daily operation of the Department and coordination of all electoral functions on behalf of the county.


Remi Garza – Elections Administrator
Norma Carrillo – Chief Deputy
Llesica Crafts – Office Manager / Election Personnel
Mary Vasquez – Field IT Coordinator
Maribel Diaz – Elections & Voter Registration Clerk
Judith Campos – Election & Voter Registration Clerk
Nora Villafranca – Elections Personnel Specialist
Paulina Rosales – Administrative Secretary
Maribel Juarez – Elections Warehouse Supervisor
Alicia Rocha – Elections Warehouse Clerk
Isaac Gallegos – GIS Coordinator / Web Content
Yoali Mclane – Outreach Coordinator