County Judge Eddie Treviño, Jr.

Judge Eddie Treviño

Eddie Treviño, Jr. was sworn in on November 23, 2016, as  Cameron County Judge.

A passion for politics and civic engagement Judge Treviño has been at the forefront of many of the decisions made in the local community.

Born and raised in Brownsville, Texas, Treviño has served in various elected and non-elected positions including City Commissioner from 2001 to 2003 and Mayor of Brownsville from 2003 to 2007.

In 2007 he was named Border Mayor of the Year by the United States-Mexico Chamber of Commerce.

As Mayor, he promoted the creation of the Veterans Park dedicated to the Veterans of Brownsville who sacrificed for this great nation of ours. Every year, many festivities and ceremonies are held at the park in honor of the fallen and those that are still here with us.

Judge Treviño also sponsored the creation of a new Animal shelter in North Brownsville. A new state of the art venue that Brownsville residents could be proud of and have available the numerous services for their animals.

In addition, as Mayor, he pushed to build the Brownsville Historic Battlefield Hike and Bike Trail. The Trail allows tourists, bicyclists, walkers, and many others to learn about the historic battles that took place in our backyard during the U.S. and Mexico War. The trails also connect to other historic sites in Brownsville.

He was also instrumental in the development of the Brownsville Sports Park so that kids could compete and have a place to enjoy outdoor activities in a safe and secure manner every day. The Park has played host top state UIL soccer finals and other major sporting events.

Months into his tenure as County Judge he plans to have the same if not more of an impact on the various parts of the community so that every comer of the county can be afforded an opportunity to thrive.

As County Judge, Treviño chairs the Cameron County Commissioners Court, the governing body that makes policy decisions that guide the direction of County operations and ensures that government services are efficiently and effectively delivered locally to residents and families.

Judge Treviño has already made an impact in the economic development arena by leading efforts on the Commission to suspend the Freeport Tax program. By eliminating this burdensome tax on goods and services in transit the aim is to attract and generate more long-term economic investments and business opportunities to economically grow the county and to create more jobs.

In his first speech, he emphasized his goals of promoting projects, initiatives, and programs that will improve the economic conditions and provide more opportunity to all of the citizens in the county.

He has also taken a role in ensuring the pipeline from high school to a university, community college, or technical school for any student is afforded to any and every student in South Texas.

The teach to work philosophy that is being implemented in some school districts already is one of his priorities.

Among his other duties, Judge Treviño oversees the Cameron County Emergency Management Division and is also a member of the Cameron County Juvenile Board.

Judge Treviño has been actively engaged in his community in various capacities as a volunteer over the last twenty years including United Way, mentoring students at local schools, Rotary Chairman, Children’s Museum Board, Veterans Park Committee member, the Animal Shelter Advisory Board, Tip of Texas Family Outreach, Airport Advisory Board, Brownsville Jaycees and the Brownsville Economic Development Council.

Judge Treviño is a 1986 graduate of St. Mary’s University and the University of Texas School of Law and has been practicing law since 1989.

He has three children: Elyssa, Steven, and Emily and is a parishioner at St. Mary’s Catholic Church.

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