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If you have missing livestock that you wish to claim, please call the Cameron County Sheriff’s Office.

If you have any questions on a lost Bovine, feel free to call:

Investigator Gilberto Cisneros (Livestock Officer) at (956) 434-8188.


1. Call-Out fee (regardless if cancelled upon arrival) – $75.00 per call.
2. Bull(s): Day – $100.00 Night – $150.00 per head.
3. Cow(s): Day – $75.00 Night – $100.00 per head.
4. Calf(s): Day – $50.00 Night – $75.00 per head.
5. Horse(s) Day- $75.00 Night – $100.00 per head.
6. Goat, Sheep, Swine: Day – $25.00 Night – $35.00 per head.

BOARDING FEE (which includes two feedings per day and sometimes minor medical attention when required)

Large Animals – $10.00 per day.
Small Animals – $5.00 per day.

PNEU-DART GUN FEE: $25.00 per dart (includes tranquilizer formula)

Fees maybe flexible at the discretion of the cowboy depending on the amount of work needed to secure the livestock and any medical first aid needed.




Date of Impound Description Location of Impound