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Every day, over 19,000 calls are placed to DV hotlines in the U.S. Help
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Domestic Violence In Texas

Domestic Violence In Texas

40.1% of Texas women1 and 34.9% of Texas men2 experience intimate partner physical violence, intimate
partner rape and/or intimate partner stalking in their lifetimes.

Did You Know

On a single day in 2020, domestic violence hotlines received 21,321 calls, an average of almost 15 calls every

Domestic Violence-Related Firearms Laws In Texas

Texas law prohibits domestic violence misdemeanants from possessing firearms for five years after release from confinement or community supervision.2

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Victim Services

The Victim Services Program

A victim of a crime is defined as an individual who as the result of the delinquent actions of an individual, has been injured physically, emotionally, or has suffered pecuniary loss.

Purpose of Program

The Cameron County Juvenile Justice Department is concerned when citizens in our community become a victim of a crime which is why the Victim Services Program was established. The purpose of the program is to recognize, protect, ensure the rights of crime victims and assist the victims and their families with the after effects that a crime causes.

Victim Services

Notifications of court proceedings, Assist in completing and submitting, written or oral victim impact statements  and Assist in restitution matters.  Another program is The Victims of Crime Act (VOCA).  VOCA offers free counseling sessions to victims of:  Sexual Abuse, Domestic Violence, Family Violence and Dating Violence. 

Special Programs Administrator

Melissa Medrano

Victim Coordinator

Yenifer Quiroga

Victim Assistant Case Manager

Leon Meza

Please visit Texas Juvenile Justice Department for more information or our county’s website