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Sylvia Garza-Perez, County Clerk

Employee of The Quarter

As of March 2015, the Cameron County Clerk, Sylvia Garza-Perez began acknowledging her staff by honoring an employee each month for their hard work, dedication and exceptional performance. The Employee of the Quarter is recognized for their outstanding contribution as an employee and is selected by their co-workers, management team, and constituents of Cameron County. Congratulations to the Cameron County Clerk’s Office employees of the Quarter on their exemplary work.

Employees of the 2nd Quarter 2022

2022 07 19 CC Employees Of 2nd QTR 983x1024

Supervisor of the 1st Quarter 2022

2022 05 05 Angela Puente Supervisor Of The 1st Quarter

Employees of the 1st Quarter 2022

2022 05 05 Edgar Garcia Employee Of The 1st Quarter

Employees of the 2nd Quarter 2021

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IMG 20211004 111056 498x1024
IMG 20211004 111046 487x1024
IMG 20211004 111053 633x1024
IMG 20211004 112844 739x1024
IMG 20211004 111202 679x1024
IMG 20211004 111149 716x1024
IMG 20211004 111036 475x1024
IMG 20211004 111109 631x1024
IMG 20211004 111144 629x1024