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Sylvia Garza-Perez, County Clerk

Records Management

The Local Government Records Act Local Government Code 203.005 requires that all County Clerks establish programs for the efficient and cost-effective management of the records in their offices. It also requires that the records of the office of the County Clerk be retained for minimum periods of times set by the Texas State Library and Archives Commission before they are eligible for disposal. When records become eligible for disposal, the disposal/destruction of records that ceased to have administrative, fiscal, legal or historical value to the County is essential to the success of Records Management.

Our Records Management Facility is located in San Benito, Texas at the Joe G. Rivera and Aurora De la Garza County Annex Building.  The warehouse houses thousands of important records including Civil, Probate, Deed Records, Oil & Gas, Official Records, Plats & Financial Records.

In addition the we are proud to house historical records such as: Real Estate Book “F” from 1853-1857 that contains limited information on the sale of slaves, and Marriage Book “A” from September 16th, 1848 – November 24th, 1855 that contains record of Captain Richard King and Henrietta M. Chamberlain founders of the King Ranch; as well as Mifflin Kennedy and Dona Petra Vela de Vidal founders of Kennedy County. To preserve these treasures, we have recently launched a 6 year plan to restore and preserve these records.