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Sylvia Garza-Perez, County Clerk


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The Cameron County Clerk’s Office Recordings Division files, records, and maintains Real Property Records, Personal Property Records, Notice of Trustee Sales, and Public Notices. The records to which access is not otherwise restricted by law or by court order are made available through our Public Records Search.

Please read below for information on how to record records, deeds and liens, and foreclosures.


Real Property documents may be filed and recorded in person or by mail. The original documents with original signatures are required for the recording. Our office will not record a copy.

Recordings are completed immediately, as received.  Once the documents are cashiered, assigned an instrument number, and scanned, the original documents will be returned.

The filing fee per document is $36 for the first page and $4 for each additional page. View Real Property Recording Fees page for a detailed fee schedule. Cash, credit card, checks, or money orders are accepted. Please make checks payable to Cameron County Clerk.

File In Person

Cameron County Administration Building
835 East Levee Street (3rd Floor)
Brownsville, Texas 78520
Phone: 956-544-0815 or;

At any of our satellite offices

Office Hours: Monday – Friday, 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM

File by Mail
Cameron County Clerk’s Office
Attention Filing & Recording Department
P.O. Box 2178
Brownsville, Texas 78522


For your convenience, we pleased to announce its implementation of electronic recording. You may contact one of the following e-filing service providers to electronically file documents with our office:

Corporation Service Company

Jeff Pettine
800-460-5657 Ext 1052

eRecording Partners Network

Indecomm Global Services

Persons Authorized To File Electronically (Sec. 195.003.)

  1. An attorney licensed in this state;
  2. A bank, savings and loan association, savings bank, or credit union doing business under laws of the United States or this state;
  3. A federally chartered lending institution, a federal government-sponsored entity, an instrumentality of the federal government, or a person approved as a mortgagee by the United States to make federally insured loans;
  4. A person licensed to make regulated loans in this state;
  5. A title insurance company or title insurance agent licensed to do business in this state;
  6. An agency of this state; or
  7. A municipal clerk.


Recording Deeds

You may record a Release of Lien in person or by mail.  To record it through the mail, send the original document to the Cameron County Clerk’s Office P.O. Box 2178, Brownsville, Texas 78522-2178..

The recording fee is $36 for the 1st page and $4 for each additional page (per document). Acceptable forms of payment are cash, check, or money order. Please make checks payable to Cameron County Clerk.

Our office does not prepare deeds or any other documents. We suggest you contact your attorney if you have concerns or questions about a particular property. Title companies and attorneys may be found in the phone book or on-line.

Deed Copies

Once a deed has been recorded, copies of the deed may be requested if the original deed has been misplaced.

Plain copies and certified copies can be obtained by using the Official Public Records Search and selecting “Property Records” or; by sending an email to:

To request a certified copy by mail, send the request to: County Clerk’s Office P.O. Box 2178, Brownsville,Texas 78522-2178. The fee is $1 per page and $5 per certification, and $5 per search.

Lien Information

Information concerning liens recorded against a property may be researched by the public by using the Official Records Search.

Title insurance and guaranteed clear title searches are performed by Title companies for a fee; attorneys may also provide legal advice. Title companies and attorneys may be found in the phone book or online.

Our office does not guarantee a clear title and is not responsible for any encumbrances on the property. We suggest you contact your legal advisor if you have concerns or questions about a particular property.

Foreclosure Sales

The foreclosure sale is conducted on the first Tuesday of every month between the hours of 10:00 AM and 4:00 PM.

The sale will take place at the west side of the Cameron County Courthouse, or as designated by the Commissioner’s Court, and is open to the public for bidding.

Redemption Periods

The redemption period for properties identified as agricultural use or homestead properties is two years. Redemption periods for all other properties is six months. The redemption period begins on the date the deed is recorded.

Any information regarding the sale of Tax Certificates must be obtained from the Cameron County Tax Assessor-Collector’s Office whose contact number is 956-544-0800 or Visit the Tax Assessor-Collector’s website for more information.

Main office 
Cameron County Admin. Bldg.
835 East Levee Street (3rd Floor)
Brownsville, Texas 78520

Joe G. Rivera & Aurora De la Garza Building
1390 W. Expressway 83
San Benito, Texas 78586

Mailing address
Cameron County Clerk
Vital Statistics Dept.
P.O. Box 2178
Brownsville, Texas 78522

Harlingen Annex
3302 W. Wilson Rd.
Harlingen, Texas 78552

La Feria County Annex
200 Industrial Way
La Feria, Texas 78559

Temporary and Intermittent Road Delay of a Portion of State Hwy 4 for Monday, May 20, 2024, between 10:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m.