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County Auditor

The County Auditor is the Chief Financial Officer of the County. The County Auditor is Lorena Hernandez, CPA. The responsibilities of the County Auditor include:
  • Financial accounting and reporting the results of the operations to the Commissioners Court and the District Judges of Cameron County.
  • General audit oversight of the books and records maintained by the elected and appointed officials of the County.
  • Processing vendor payments and payroll.
  • Financial advice to Commissioners Court, when requested.
Office hours are 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.  Monday through Friday…
Welcome to the Cameron County Payroll Department Webpage. Payroll is part of the Auditor’s Office, a Division of Finance & Administration. It is located on the third floor of the Dancy Building.


In this website, you will find a multitude of links and help for every employee. Please feel free to browse our website. If there is anything missing or you would like to see added, please send an email to Payroll.


Payroll Deduction Authorization Form
Stop Payroll Deduction Authorization Form
Direct Deposit Form
Form W-4
The Accounts Payable Division of the Auditor’s Office is responsible for processing claims of all goods and services purchased by Cameron County.  The accounts payable division routes the invoices to the corresponding department for approval. Functions of the accounts payable division include the processing of vendor payments, procurement credit cards, and travel reimbursement. The accounts payable division assists vendors with questions or concerns regarding payment processing. For inquiries related to payment processing or status of invoices, please contact this division.


Please Note:

  • Checks are processed every Friday and are distributed by the Treasurer’s Office upon approval by Commissioners’ Court.
  • Commissioners’ Court regular meetings are on a biweekly basis.
  • It is necessary for all invoices to be received at accounts payable by Tuesday, 5:00 p.m. to meet the deadline of Friday’s check processing.
  • All invoices should be mailed to:

Cameron County
Auditor’s Office – Accounts Payable
1100 E.  Monroe St.
Brownsville, TX 78520

If any questions, please call (956) 544-0822

Welcome to the Cameron County Travel Department Web Page. This site is under construction, but does have some information available, so browse around, but be sure to check back regularly for the latest from the Travel Department.

You will find the latest information regarding Property Tax Rates.  This page is updated as the information is received from the budget office. Xavier Villarreal, Deputy County Administrator

Lorena Hernandez, CPA County Auditor 0822 956-544-0822
Mariana Rodriguez, CPA 1st Assistant Auditor 0822 956-544-0822
Accounts Payable
Jose (Joey) Hernandez ACA/ Accts Payable Supervisor 1307 956-550-1307
Islene Rodriguez ACA/ Office Administrator 0822 956-544-0822
Cesar Cardenas ACA/ Accts Payable Specialist 7289 956-550-7289
Sandra Gonzalez ACA/ Accts Payable Specialist 5404 956-982-5404
Iran Jimenez ACA/ Accts Payable Specialist 1363 956-550-1363
Francisco Puentes ACA/ Accts Payable Specialist 7296 956-550-7296
Sergio Mata ACA/ Accts Payable Specialist 1212 956-372-1212
Payroll Payroll 0822 956-544-0822  
Yarim Enriquez ACA/Senior Auditor-Grants Director 1361 956-550-1361
Armando Ayala ACA/ Health Grants Auditor 1398 956-550-1398
JoAnna Castillo ACA/ Grants Auditor 1366 956-550-1366
Mariah Williams ACA/ Law Enforcement Grants Auditor 2358 956-509-2358
Mari Guanzon ACA/ Grants Auditor 7268 956-550-7268
Nora Soto-Mata ACA/ HIDTA Grants Auditor 7277 956-550-7277
Victoria Rodriguez ACA/Internal Audits Director 7297 956-589-7297
Susana Preciado ACA/ Internal Auditor 6386 956-356-6386
Nicholas Galindo ACA/Internal Auditor 1351 956-550-1351
Vacant ACA/ Internal Auditor 0897 956-544-0897  
Financial Auditors
Eduardo Cisneros ACA/Senior Auditor 7298 956-589-7298
Norma E. Valladarez ACA/ Financial Auditor/Enterprise Funds 2359 956-509-2359
Jose De La O ACA/ Financial Auditor/Fixed Assets 1349 956-550-1349
Christina E. Chavez ACA/Auditor/Fee & Trust Funds 9577 956-548-9577
Hendrick Quellhorst ACA/ Data Analyst 1352 956-550-1352

Contact Information

Lorena Hernandez, CPA
Ph: (956) 544-0822 | Fax: (956) 548-9527

Jose Luis Hernandez, Accounts Payable

Islene Rodriguez, Travel
Fax: (956) 544-0876

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