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Cameron County Emergency Management

Severe Weather Self Reporting May 17th Event
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Our Mission is to support County and local governments in the four the phases of the emergency management cycle: prevention (mitigation), preparedness (emergency planning), response, and recovery regarding man-made/natural disasters or evolving emergencies.

FEMA Assistance information

When a local disaster receives a presidential “federal disaster” designation, affected residents have 3 ways that they can apply for disaster assistance (up to the 60th day after the disaster):

Cuando un desastre local recibe una designacion de “desastre federal” presidencial, los residentes afectados tienen 3 maneras de solicitar asistencia de desastres (ultimo dia siendo 60 dias despues del desastre):


1.Call 1-800-621-3362

1.Llame al 1-800-621-3362

2.visit (English) or (Spanish)

2.visite (inglés) (español)

3. visit Disaster Recovery Center (if declared a federal disaster, a location will be announced)

3.visite un Centro de Recuperacion (si se declara un desastre federal, se anunciara el local)

Disaster Assistance Factsheet-English  Disaster Assistance Factsheet-Spanish

Disaster Preparedness

Disaster Preparedness

(Preparación Ante-Desastre)

Personal Disaster Preparedness:
(Preparación Personal Ante-Desastre)


“When Disaster Hits, Will You Be Ready?” Disaster Preparedness Presentation
Presentacion de Preparación Ante-Desastre (Cuando Occura un Desastre, ¿Estarás Listo?)



Cameron County Hurricane Preparedness Brochure
Folleto de Preparación Ante-Huracán


1.  Prepare for Emergencies Now: Information to Get Ready

2.  Prepare for Emergencies Now:  Information for Pet Owners

3.  Prepare for Emergencies Now: Information for Older Americans

4.  Prepare for Emergencies Now: Information for People with Disabilities

5.  Severe Weather Awareness Guide

6.  When Disaster Hits Will You Be Ready?


1. Prepararse Tiene Sentido: Esté Listo Ahora
(o versión lista para imprimir)

2.  Prepararse Tiene Sentido: Información Para los Dueños de Mascotas



 Videos de Preparacion Ante-Desastre

1.  Tri-County created Videos:

English/Spanish/American Sign Language

Evacuation Routes
2-1-1 Registry, now named S.T.E.A.R. Registry
Flood Risk Assessment
Emergency Plan
Emergency Supply Kit
Shelter Tips
Water Safety
Flood Water Health Risks
Food Safety
Debris Removal

2.  Texas (TDEM) (English & American Sign Language)

3.  Texas (DSHS) created videos (English & Español-Spanish) “Surviving Disaster: How Texans Prepare”


1.  Videos Creados Localmente por el Condado de Cameron, Hidalgo y Willacy
(Trilingüe: Ingles/Español y idioma para los Sordomudos-American Sign Language)

Rutas de Evacuación
Registro 2-1-1; ahora nombrado Registro S.T.E.A.R.
Evaluación de Riesgo de Inundación
Plan de Emergencia
Equipo de Suministros
Sugerencia Sobre Albergues
Seguridad Sobre Agua
Zonas Anegadas y Riesgos a la Salud
Seguridad Sobre Comidad
Extracción de Escombros

2.  Videos Creados Por el Estado (DSHS) “Para Sobrevivir Un Desastre: Como Se Prepara Texas”


(Portales de Autorregistro)

1. Reverse 9-1-1 Emergency Notification Service for Mobile Phones
(Servicio de Notificación de Emergencias para Teléfonos Móviles)


NOTE: in the event local emergency officials use this service
(Note: en caso que los oficiales locales de emergencia usen este servicio)

 State of Texas Emergency Assistance Registry (S.T.E.A.R.) for Evacuation Transportation Assistance
(Registro de Asistencia de transporte para Evacuación S.T.E.A.R.)

NOTE: to help responders plan for evacuations; not a substitute for family disaster plan
(NOTE: es para ayudar a los planificadores de evacuación; no es substituto para un plan de desastre para familia)

Aside from registering online, the S.T.E.A.R. form can be emailed or faxed:



Fax: 866-557-1074

(Además de registrarse en línea, el formulario S. T. E. A. R. puede ser enviado por correo electrónico o por fax):


Correo Electrónico:

Fax: 866-557-1074


(Sitios Web)

1.  Be Ready: Prepare. Plan. Stay Informed

2.  Be Ready: Be Informed about Natural Disasters

3.  Flood Smart: Determine Your Flood Risk

4.  Road Conditions: Courtesy of TxDOT

5.  National Hurricane Preparedness Week

6. Ready or Not?


8.  FEMA Ready Kids Page

9.  Owlie Skywarn’s Weather-Ready Kids Page


1.  Listo: Informase. Haga un Plan. Prepare Un Equipo

2.  ¿Estás Listo?


VI.  Post-Disaster Assistance Support:

(Apoyo de Asistencia Despues de un Desastre)

Fema Logo Blue.png Redcross Logo
American Red Cross

FEMA Disaster Assistance

(Asistencia Por Desastre)


(online registration)
(inscripción en línea)

Business (Local Government) Disaster Preparedness:

(Preparación Personal Ante-Desastre Para Negocios y Gobiernos Locales)


Cameron County EM Children’s flyer

Every Business Should Have a Plan

Business Emergency Supplies

Severe Weather Awareness Guide

IRS Disaster Resource Guide for Individuals and Business



Todo Negocio Debe Tener Un Plan


(courtesy of FEMA):


Risk Assessment
(to understand potential emergency scenarios)

Business Impact Analysis
(to predict the consequences of disruption of a business function and process)



Business Continuity Plan
(to overcome the disruption of business)

Emergency Response Plan
(to protect life, property, and environment)

“Crisis Communication Plan”
(to keep up-to-date your employees, gov’t officials, clients, and suppliers)

“Business Computer Inventory”
(to document computers and their specifications used in daily business operations)

“Visual Inventory Binder” (to document condition of all furniture and equipment prior to a disaster) by:

   a. photographing furniture and equipment
b. creating a binder with all photographs


Reverse 9-1-1 Emergency Notification Service for Mobile Phones
(Servicio de Notificación de emergencias para teléfonos móviles)

or call 855-879-1911

NOTE: in the event local emergency officials use this service)
(Note: en caso que los oficiales locales de emergencia usen este servicio)


(Sitios Web)

Be Ready: Preparedness Planning for Your Business

Be Ready: Be Informed (Natural Disasters)

Flood Smart: One-Step Flood Risk Profile for Business

Road Conditions (Courtesy of TxDOT)

National Hurricane Preparedness Week

Debris Removal Operations

If debris removal operations take place
(at some point) following a disaster, below are
suggestions in separting debris for pickup.

Si se llevan a cabo operaciones de collección de escombros
(en algún momento) después de un desastre, a continuación se encuentran
sugerencias en como separar los escombros en preparacion de la collección.

To help avoid damage to pipes, water/gas meters, and electrical/telephone posts, resident are asked to place their debris on the curbside (or right-of-way).


The debris should be separated into piles based on these categories:

Normal Household Trashnormal household trash will not be picked up with disaster debris. You should continue to follow your normal garbage removal schedule.

Construction & Demolition Debrisbuilding materials, carpet, drywall, furniture, lumber, mattresses and plumbing

Appliances & White Goods dishwashers, stoves, washers, dryers, water heaters air conditioners, freezers, refrigerators (ensure that Freon is removed as landfill does not accept appliances with Freon)

Electronics & Computersradios, stereos, televisions, and other devices with a cord

Household Hazardous Wastecleaning supplies, batteries, lawn chemicals, oils, oil-based paints & stains and pesticides.


Additionally, it is possible a home cleanup hotline may be established to assist affected residents needing home cleanup.

Además, es posible que se establezca una línea directa de limpieza de viviendas para ayudar a los residentes afectados que necesitan limpieza en el hogar.

Employee Training - Free NIMS/ICS Training:


1.  NIMS/ICS Training Guideline

Guideline includes brief history, training rationale, course explanation and links to online- setting training for IS-700, IS-800, IS-100 & IS-200.

(may vary depending on department head’s assessment):

Responder Level Personnel (all disciplines): Required IS-700; Recommended IS-100
First Line Supervisor: IS-700, IS-100 & IS-200
Mid Managers: IS-700, ICS-100, ICS-200 & ICS-300
ICS Command/ ICS General Staff/Elected Officials: IS-700, ICS-100, ICS-200, ICS-300, ICS-400 & IS-800


IS-700.B (online course available: click here)
IS-100.C (online course available: click here)
IS-200.C (online course available: click here)
IS-800.C (online course available; click here)
ICS-300 & ICS-400 (available only thru classroom-setting; CLICK here to search for availability and locations or Contact County Emergency Management)

Mold Erradication



“Eradicating Mold and Mildew”
(Source: FEMA)

“Qué Hacer Con el Moho”
(Fuente: FEMA)

Dealing with Mold & Mildew in Your Flood-Damaged Home
(Source: FEMA)

What You Need to Know About Mold
(Source: TxDSHS–Texas Department of State Health Services)

Consumer Mold information Sheet:Regulation of Mold Assessment and Remediation in Texas

Como Tratar El Moho en Viviendas Debido a Daños por Inundación
(Fuente: FEMA)

Como Reparar Su Hogar Inundado
(Fuente: ARC)

Regreso al Hogar después de un Huracán o una Inundación
(Fuente: ARC)

Elimine el Moho
(Fuente: CDC)

Una Breve Guía Para el Moho, la Humedad y Su Hogar

(Fuente: EPA)

Lo Que Debe Saber Sobre el Moho
(Fuente: TxDSHS)

Flu Information

Flu Information:

– Seasonal Flu Updates

– Flu Prevention: Seasonal Flu Updates

Flu Guidance – Health Care Professionals, Families,Schools, Laboratories

State of Texas Emergency Assistance Registry




S.T.E.A.R.  is a free registry that allows residents who need transportaion to provide information in the event
provides local emergency planners and emergency responders with additional information on the needs in their community.

Registering is VOLUNTARY.  All information provided will be kept COMPLETELY CONFIDENTIAL. Registering does not guarantee that you will receive a specific service during an emergency.  Available services will vary by community.

If you live in a hurricane evacuation zone and you will need assistance to get out before a hurricane landfall, dial 2-1-1 to register in advance* for a ride to safety.

Dial 2-1-1:


  • –If you have a disability or special health care need and require assistance to evacuate.
  • –If you cannot drive and cannot arrange transportation to evacuate.
  • –If you do not have a vehicle and you have no one else to help you evacuate.
  • –If you want to register and you need to check if you live in an evacuation zone.


Who Should Register?

  • –People with Disabilities
  • –People with access and functional needs such as:
    •   –People who have limited mobility
    •   –People who have communication barriers
    •   –People who require additional medical assistance during an emergency event
    •   –People who require transportation assistance
    •   –People who require personal care assistance

How to Register


  • –Register Online at
  • –Dial 2-1-1 (24 hours a day/ 7 days a week)
  • –Dial video telephone relay option of choice to contact 211 at 877-541-7905 (Texas Information Referral Network)

Additional Information
S.T.E.A.R. Informative Flyer (Volante Informativo S.T.E.A.R.)
Official S.T.E.A.R. Web Site


* 2-1-1 Phone Line will be disconnected 72 Hours before the arrival of hurricane winds.

Contact Information

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(Tiempo Meteorológico)

Brownsville/Rio Grande Valley, TX (

Hurricane Season

Runs June 1 thru November 30

(La temporada de huracanes del Oceano Atlántico se extiende desde el 1 de junio hasta el 3 de Noviembre)

Reverse 911 Emergency Notification Service

Reverse 911 Emergency Notification Service for Mobile Phones

(Servicio de Notificación de Emergencias para Teléfonos Móviles)
or call
(o marca) 855-879-1911

Cameron County Emergency Management Services
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