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Cameron County Fire Marshal Service

FireMarshall Burn Ban



Contact Information:

964 East Harrison Street
Brownsville, Texas 78520
(Administrative Building; 2nd Floor)
Ravyn Hinojosa 956-982-5464

(Solicitud de Permiso de Código de incendio)
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Mobile Food Vending Unit Checklist (guidance document only)
(Guia de Unidad Móvil Para Venta de Alimentación; documento solo para orientación)

Fire Safety

(Seguridad Contra Incendios)

Fire Safety Tip Sheets: Causes

Cooking (PDF, 171 KB)
Candles (PDF, 792 KB)
Heating (PDF, 634 KB)
Smoking (PDF, 279 KB)
Electrical (PDF, 689 KB)

Escape planning
Escape Planning (PDF, 444 KB)

Fire and safety equipment
Smoke alarms for people who are deaf or hard-of-hearing  (PDF, 1.5MB)
Home fire sprinklers (PDF, 1MB)
Carbon monoxide alarms(PDF, 612 KB)

Household equipment
Portable Fireplaces (PDF, 470 KB)
Medical Oxygen (PDF, 383 KB)
CFL light bulbs (PDF, 247 KB)
Gel fuel safety (PDF, 602 KB)
Microwave ovens (PDF, 960 KB)
Clothes dryers (PDF, 105 KB)
Portable generators (PDF, 113 KB)


Wildland fire safety (PDF, 558 KB)
Outdoor electrical safety (PDF, 578 KB)
Fireworks (PDF, 633 KB)
Lightning (PDF, 680 KB)
Grilling (PDF, 427 KB)


People with disabilities (PDF, 670 KB)

Unintentional injuries

Scald prevention


Car fire safety (PDF, 368 KB)

Winter Fire Safety Tips

Home Heating Fire Safety Tips
Candle Fire Safety Tips
Holiday Fire Safety Tips
Carbon Monoxide Safety Tips

CHECKLIST: How to Make a Home Fire Escape Plan
CHECKLIST: Checking A Home Fire Escape Plan

FLYER: Home Fire Escape Plan

(VOLANTE: Plan de Escape de Incendio de su Hogar)

FLYER: Home Fire Escape Drill

(VOLANTE: Recorrido de Escape de Incendio de su Hogar)

FLYER: Candle Safety

FLYER: Cooking Safety

FLYER: Heating Safety

FLYER: Smoke Alarm Safety