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Rules of Visitation

All adult visitors (18 years old and older) are required to present a valid photo identification. (e.g., Texas Drivers License, Texas D.P.S. I.D., Passport, Military I.D., U.S. Immigration Visa/ Border Crossing Card or Matricula Consular)


Visitation guidelines

Please note that visitation times are subject to change without notice.

  • Inmates are responsible for filling out and handing the visitation list to jail division staff. If there is no visit list in the system a visit may be approved by the shift supervisors. You must show a photo ID to sign in for visit. Your name will be checked against the inmate’s visiting list.
  • By registering to visit an inmate you are accepting to follow all rules and regulations set forth by the Cameron County Sheriff’s Dept.
  • Staff will not allow you to visit unless you cooperate with all requirements. Failure to comply with any of the rules set forth or to follow staff orders will result in visit cancellation for up to 30 days or longer depending on the circumstances.

The following items are NOT allowed inside the visitation lobby area or the visitation area (s).

  • Purses, wallets, bags, electronic devices,
  • cell phones, recording devices, writing
  • instruments, lighters,
  • weapons, liquids, foods, etc.

Visitors are not allowed to bring any items when visiting an inmate except for car keys and/or ID cards


  • All visitors must be signed in 20 minutes before visitation begins but in no case more than one (1) hour before visit begins.
  • Late visitors will not be permitted to go into visitation
  • Visitors must be on the inmate’s visitation list in order to visit.
  • Combinations of five (5) adult people are allowed to visit per visit day.Only two (2) children (16 years old and younger) may accompany any one adult at a time.
  • ALL children must be kept quiet and under the supervision of the adult(s).No running is allowed.

If any child are excessively noisy or unruly, the visit will be cancelled or terminated early for that family member for that day.


  • ALL visitors must follow ALL visitation RULES and be dressed appropriately. NO miniskirts, tank tops, transparent or provocative, revealing, backless, strapless, sleeveless, low cut, wide-neckedclothing will be permitted in the facility.
  • No clothing displaying obscene or offensive language, drawings or gang affiliation.
  • Shorts, skirts and dresses must be at least two (2) inches under the knee in a normal standing position.
  • No spandex, tights or leggings without shorts, skirts or dresses.

The Sheriff’s Office and/or his designee reserves the right to deny any visit when there is reason to believe that the visit is not in the best interest of the safety and security of the facility


All incoming mail will be inspected for contraband.

The following items will be returned to sender

  • Stained with powder, perfume, glue or glitter
  • Envelopes with staples, clips, tape or stickers
  • Note pads, paper, envelopes, pencils, pens or stamps
  • Greeting cards larger than 5″ by 7″
  • Any material printed of the internet


All books and subscriptions must be soft backed and come directly from a publisher or book store. No hardback books or books containing staples will be accepted. Books and subscriptions must be paid for in advance and can not contain any nudity, profanity or advocate violence/hatred toward any individual, organization, religion or nation. Books and subscriptions cannot contain instructions for the manufacturing of explosives, weapons, drugs, drug paraphernalia, alcoholic beverages, escape(s) paraphernalia, or to affect and/or facilitate an escape.


Inmates are allowed to have up to three (3) pictures in their possession at any one time. Other pictures will be placed in inmates property and returned to inmate when released or inmate may mail to family. Pictures should have no nudity or sexually explicit material.

Temporary and Intermittent Road Delay of a Portion of State Hwy 4 for Monday, May 20, 2024, between 10:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m.