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Sports & Community Venue Tax

Local Government Code, Chapter 334 authorizes a county to undertake a venue project.  In the election held in November 2016, the voters approved the creation of a 2% Venue Tax and two projects to be funded with its proceeds:

  1. Isla Blanca Amphitheater
  2. South Texas Eco-Tourism Center

For information about how to set up your payment account to pay the hotel venue tax, please click on the link below:

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Avenu Taxpayer Registration (

**Avenue Insights is a Cameron County-approved vendor for the collection of Hotel Venue Tax

For Additional Information contact:

Mark A. Yates, CPA
Director of Economic Development & Community Affairs
1100 E. Monroe, Rm105
1912 Historic Courthouse
Brownsville, TX 78520
(956) 544-0828

Texas Comptroller’s
Annual Local Hotel Occupancy Tax (HOT) Report

Report Year: Fiscal year end – September 2022

Cameron County is authorized to collect 2% of qualified hotel revenues.*
*On South Padre Island the county collects 0.5% on qualified hotel revenues as SPI is limited to a total of 17.0%.

Collections during the fiscal year ended September 2022  $1,082,320.14

Oct-21 $80,565.91
Nov-21 74,945.23
Dec-21 80,946.52
Jan-22 83,711.77
Feb-22 75,550.53
Mar-22 74,568.96
Apr-22 100,381.61
May-22 93,859.47
Jun-22 103,354.52
Jul-22 100,017.59
Aug-22 118,359.33
Sep-22 96,058.70
Total FY 2021-2022 $1,082,320.14