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Frequently Asked Questions

What services will I be paying for?
We are providing once-a-week residential solid waste collection and once-a-month brush and bulk collection.

How do I start or stop residential solid waste collection service?
Please call Allied Waste /Republic Services at 1-800-423-7316.

How will I know what my service schedule is for my residential area?
Cameron County will be divided into five collection zones for residential solid waste collection and four collection zones for brush and bulky waste collection. Please refer to collection maps. Routing and service information will be distributed with your cart.

What size of container will I receive?
Allied Waste /Republic Services will provide one 96 gallon container for solid waste collection and additional containers or larger sizes are available upon request.

When is my area scheduled for solid waste collection?
Please refer to collection map.

What items will be collected weekly?
The weekly collection is for residential waste.

What items will be collected monthly?
The monthly brush collection will include the following items:
Acceptable & Unacceptable items Click Here
What about Holidays?
Allied Waste /Republic Services will work on all holidays to insure your schedule is uninterrupted.

Will bad weather delay collection?
Yes, bad weather, such as heavy rainfall, floods, and hurricanes may delay your collection but all collections will be made as soon as possible after the event.


Where do I place the waste container on collection day?
Place your container within 5 feet of your mailbox or street. Do not block or impede a street or a right-of-way, water or gas meter, drainage ditch, intersection or sidewalk.

Do the containers have wheels for the ease of movement?


May I use a container other than the one issued to my household?
Only containers issued by Allied Waste /Republic Services will be collected. Please call 1-800-423-7316 to order an additional container.

What if the solid waste container is stolen or destroyed?
You must report the theft to your local police department or the Sheriff’s Office. It is your responsibility to care for your container. If a replacement is needed due to damage, loss, or theft please contact Allied Waste /Republic Services to arrange the delivery of a replacement container.

How do I identify my solid waste container?
Each container has a serial number that is located on the front side of the container and is registered with your property address. We suggest that you keep this number with your household records. Do not paint your name or address on the container.

Do I have to have a container, or can I just use trash bags?
No, you must use the 96-gallon container that is issued to you. Your monthly service rate includes the cost of the container. This will help us provide you with a more effective collection service and will help maintain your area clean.

What happens if I move?
The solid waste container is the property of Allied Waste /Republic Services. The container will be picked up once service has been terminated.

What kind of waste can I put in the container?
Your 96-gallon cart is constructed of heavy-duty injection molded plastic to provide years of reliable service. To clean your cart, simply rinse with water from time to time. Use of tightly tied plastic bag liners is recommended to help maintain the cleanliness of your cart as well as to eliminate potential insect infestation.

SAFETY – Never place paints, solvents, flammable liquids, hot ashes, dead animals, oils, liquids, tires, batteries, or medical waste including needles, in your cart. Do not allow children to play on or around the cart.

Your cart should be placed within 5 feet of the curb the night before collection (please place at service location indicated below).  The handle of the cart should be positioned away from the street. If your cart is marked with arrows, the arrows should point towards the street. Do not place your cart near obstructions such as mailboxes, fire hydrants, utility poles, parked cars, gas meters, water meters, etc. To maximize the capacity of your cart be sure to crush items such as boxes, plastic jugs, etc.

If you have any questions please contact the Allied Waste /Republic Services customer service department at: 1-800-423-7316

Can a large container be shared with a group of houses, with the families sharing the expense?
All households must pay for their own solid waste collection. If your address is listed as one household and you have other members of your family living on your property, then you will pay for one 96 gallon container. However, if you use more than one 96 gallon container, an additional one will be provided to you upon request and you will be billed an additional $33.29 (plus tax) per quarter.  If you require a large container, call Allied Waste /Republic Services for cost and service price.

Does brush have to be bagged and/or bundled in a certain manner to be picked up?

What does not go into the waste container?

Who do I call when I need construction material collected?
Please contact Allied Waste /Republic Services Sales Department to make special arrangements at 1-800-423-7316.


What is the monthly charge for residential solid waste garbage pick up?
Cameron County requires that each residential household have solid waste services at $89.86 (plus tax) per quarter with the exception of the first month which will include a one time charge of $5.00 (plus tax) to set up your account.
This price includes weekly solid waste collection and once a month brush and bulky waste service. The price includes your first container, however if you need an extra container there is a charge of $32.37 per quarter (plus tax). You will receive your first bill In September. Additional fees may be added for late payments or reconnects.


When I have a problem with billing, who do I call?
Problems with your billing statement will be handled by Allied Waste /Republic Services.

How will I get billed for these services?
Allied Waste /Republic Services will bill you quarterly for residential solid waste services.

Where do I pay my bill? 
Monthly bills may be paid by mail or in person to the address on the payment stub or to:
Allied Waste /Republic Services
9402 W Expressway 83
Harlingen, TX 89552

Can I pay my bill annually?
Yes, contact Allied Waste /Republic Services at 1-800-423-7316.

Can I use automatic debit to pay my bill?
Yes, contact Allied Waste /Republic Services at 1-800-423-7316.


Who do I call if I have a problem with my service delivery or to request additional containers, a replacement or to report a stolen container?
To report a stolen container, contact your local police department or sheriff’s office. To request a replacement container, contact Allied Waste /Republic Services Customer Service at 1-800-423-7316.

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